Publications 2022

Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Diversity Shapes Tumor Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer
Peiffer, Raphaël ; Boumahd, Yasmine ; Gullo, Charlotte et al.
2022In Cancers, 15 (1), p. 61
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Lipid Metabolism Heterogeneity and Crosstalk with Mitochondria Functions Drive Breast Cancer Progression and Drug Resistance.
Azam, Aurélien ; Sounni, Nor Eddine
2022In Cancers, 14 (24), p. 6267
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The transcription factor c-Jun inhibits RBM39 to reprogram pre-mRNA splicing during genotoxic stress.
Lemaitre, Florence; Chakrama, Fatima; O'Grady, Tina et al.
2022In Nucleic Acids Research, 50 (22), p. 12768 - 12789
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Addendum: Impact of BMI on the outcome of metastatic breast cancer patients treated with everolimus: a retrospective exploratory analysis of the BALLET study.
Corona, Silvia P; Giudici, Fabiola; Jerusalem, Guy et al.
2022In Oncotarget, 13 (1), p. 1307
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases: A DESTINY-Breast01 Subgroup Analysis.
Jerusalem, Guy ; Park, Yeon Hee; Yamashita, Toshinari et al.
2022In Cancer Discovery, 12 (12), p. 2754 - 2762
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Multiple Bayesian network meta-analyses to establish therapeutic algorithms for metastatic triple negative breast cancer.
Schettini, Francesco; Venturini, Sergio; Giuliano, Mario et al.
2022In Cancer Treatment Reviews, 111, p. 102468
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Les CAR-T cells dans le traitement des tumeurs solides : où en sommes-nous ?
Troisfontaine, Florence ; Denis, Chloé ; Servais, Sophie et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (12), p. 706 - 709
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Incidence of falls and fall-related injuries and their predictive factors in frail older persons with cancer: a multicenter study.
Kenis, Cindy; Decoster, Lore; Flamaing, Johan et al.
2022In BMC Geriatrics, 22 (1), p. 877
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
A multicentre single arm phase 2 trial of neoadjuvant pyrotinib and letrozole plus dalpiciclib for triple-positive breast cancer.
Niu, Nan; Qiu, Fang; Xu, Qianshi et al.
2022In Nature Communications, 13 (1), p. 7043
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Abemaciclib in combination with pembrolizumab for HR+, HER2- metastatic breast cancer: Phase 1b study.
Rugo, Hope S; Kabos, Peter; Beck, J Thad et al.
2022In npj Breast Cancer, 8 (1), p. 118
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Functional status in older patients with cancer and a frailty risk profile: A multicenter observational study.
Meert, Glen; Kenis, Cindy; Milisen, Koen et al.
2022In Journal of Geriatric Oncology, 13 (8), p. 1162 - 1171
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Comparison of Morphological and Digital-Assisted Analysis for BCL6 Endometrial Expression in Women with Endometriosis.
Squatrito, Marlyne ; Blacher, Silvia ; Henry, Laurie et al.
2022In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11 (20), p. 6164
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Single and combined impacts of irradiation and surgery on lymphatic vasculature and fibrosis associated to secondary lymphedema
Buntinx, Florence; Lebeau, Alizée; Gillot, Lionel et al.
2022In Frontiers in Pharmacology, 13
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
A proteome-scale map of the SARS-CoV-2–human contactome
Kim, Dae-Kyum; Weller, Benjamin; Lin, Chung-Wen et al.
2022In Nature Biotechnology, 41 (1), p. 140-149
Communication publiée dans un ouvrage (Colloques et congrès scientifiques)
Estetrol and breast cancer
Pequeux, Christel
2022In Proceedings of RRSH 2022
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Implantation Failure in Endometriosis Patients: Etiopathogenesis
BOUCHER, Astrid ; BRICHANT, Géraldine ; Gridelet, Virginie et al.
2022In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11 (18), p. 5366
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Recurrent or primary metastatic cervical cancer: current and future treatments
Gennigens, Christine ; Jerusalem, Guy ; LAPAILLE, Louis et al.
2022In ESMO Open, 7 (5), p. 1-3
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Correlation of Broncho-Alveolar Lavage Cell Count and Pulmonary Function Tests in the Era of Antifibrotics: Data from the Belgium-Luxembourg IPF registry
Froidure, Antoine; Bondue, Benjamin; Dahlqvist, Caroline et al.
2022In CHEST
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Nouveautés en contraception intra-utérine.
MAWET, Marie ; Chabbert Buffet, N; Gerard, Martin et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (9), p. 521 - 526
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The FIGO ovulatory disorders classification system.
Munro, Malcolm G; Balen, Adam H; Cho, SiHyun et al.
2022In International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Oocyte Cryopreservation in Patients with Endometriosis: Current Knowledge and Number Needed to Treat.
Henry, Laurie ; Vervier, Julie ; BOUCHER, Astrid et al.
2022In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11 (15), p. 4559
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Elp3-mediated codon-dependent translation promotes mTORC2 activation and regulates macrophage polarization.
Chen, Dawei ; Nemazanyy, Ivan; Peulen, Olivier et al.
2022In EMBO Journal, p. 109353
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Impact on ovarian reserve and fertility using carbon dioxide laser for endometriosis treatment: a systematic review.
Giannini, Andrea; TEBACHE, Linda ; Noti, Giacomo et al.
2022In Gynecological Endocrinology, 38 (8), p. 617 - 622
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
nextMONARCH Phase 2 randomized clinical trial: overall survival analysis of abemaciclib monotherapy or in combination with tamoxifen in patients with endocrine-refractory HR + , HER2- metastatic breast cancer.
Hamilton, Erika; Cortes, Javier; Ozyilkan, Ozgur et al.
2022In Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 195 (1), p. 55 - 64
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Arrache-toi les yeux ! A propos d’un cas d’auto-énucléation bilatérale
TRIFFAUX, Marie-Sophie; Triffaux, Jean-Marc ; Rakic, Jean-Marie
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (1), p. 456-461
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Ly6Chi monocytes balance regulatory and cytotoxic CD4 T cell responses to control virus-induced immunopathology.
Maquet, Céline ; Baiwir, Jérôme ; Loos, Pauline et al.
2022In Science Immunology, 7 (73), p. 3240
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Étude de faisabilité : l’utilisation de l’imagerie médicale en éducation thérapeutique en radiothérapie.
Kirkove, Delphine ; Barthelemy, Nicole ; Coucke, Philippe et al.
2022In Cancer Radiotherapie
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Kidney-targeted irradiation triggers renal ischaemic preconditioning in mice.
Khbouz, Badr ; LALLEMAND, François ; Cirillo, Arianna et al.
2022In American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Myoferlin targeting triggers mitophagy and primes ferroptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
Rademaker, Gilles; Boumahd, Yasmine; Peiffer, Raphaël et al.
2022In Redox Biology, 53, p. 102324
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Regulation of Tissue Factor by CD44 supports coagulant activity in breast tumor cells.
Villard, Amélie ; Genna, Anthony; Lambert, Justine et al.
2022In Cancers, 14 (3288)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Psycho-oncology interventions focusing on fatigue and sleep disturbances
Grégoire, Charlotte ; FAYMONVILLE, Marie-Elisabeth ; JERUSALEM, Guy et al.
2022In Current Opinion in Oncology, 34 (4), p. 270-278
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Training of radiotherapy professionals: status, content, satisfaction and improvement suggestions in the Greater Region.
Dubois, Nadège ; Diep, Anh Nguyet ; Ghuysen, Alexandre et al.
2022In BMC Medical Education, 22 (1), p. 485
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Un air nouveau souffle sur la pneumologie
Coucke, Philippe
2022In Tempo Focus, p. 28-32
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Endothelial extracellular vesicles promote tumour growth by tumour-associated macrophage reprogramming.
NJOCK, Makon-Sébastien; O'Grady, Tina; Nivelles, Olivier et al.
2022In Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 11 (6), p. 12228
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Lipid droplet degradation by autophagy connects mitochondria metabolism to Prox1-driven expression of lymphatic genes and lymphangiogenesis.
Meçe, Odeta; Houbaert, Diede; Sassano, Maria-Livia et al.
2022In Nature Communications, 13 (1), p. 2760
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Periostin in lymph node pre-metastatic niches governs lymphatic endothelial cell functions and metastatic colonization.
Gillot, Lionel ; Lebeau, Alizée ; Baudin, Louis et al.
2022In Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 79 (6), p. 295
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Eosinophils and Lung Cancer: From Bench to Bedside.
SIBILLE, Anne ; CORHAY, Jean-Louis ; LOUIS, Renaud et al.
2022In International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (9), p. 5066
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
L’endométriose est-elle une pathologie inflammatoire ?
Brichant, Géraldine ; Moise, Alice ; Nisolle, Michelle
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (5-6), p. 370-376
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Laparoscopic approach for a cesarean scar pregnancy.
Karampelas, Stavros; Engels, Sara; Birbarah, Christian et al.
2022In Fertility and Sterility, 117 (5), p. 1099 - 1101
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Inflammation et cancer : une relation complexe à double sens.
Scheen, André ; Noël, Agnès ; Delvenne, Philippe et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (5-6), p. 354-360
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Importance of pathological review of gestational trophoblastic diseases: results of the Belgian Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases Registry.
Schoenen, Sophie ; Delbecque, Katty ; Van Rompuy, Anne-Sophie et al.
2022In International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 32 (6), p. 740-745
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
uPARAP/Endo180: a multifaceted protein of mesenchymal cells.
Gucciardo, Fabrice ; Pirson, Sébastien ; Baudin, Louis et al.
2022In Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 79 (5), p. 255
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
La gastro-entérologie en transit vers un nouvel avenir
COUCKE, Philippe
2022In Tempo Focus, p. 20-23
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Cas clinique. Rupture utérine en début de grossesse sur cicatrice de césarienne.
Salsac, N; BRICHANT, Géraldine ; Petit, Philippe et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (4), p. 202-205
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Local nebulization of 1α,25(OH) 2 D 3 attenuates LPS-induced acute lung inflammation
Serré, Jef; Mathyssen, Carolien; Ajime, Tom et al.
2022In Respiratory Research, 23 (1)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
First-line noninvasive management of cytomegalovirus primary infection in pregnancy.
Denef, Marie ; NOEL, Laure ; Bruck, Gaëlle et al.
2022In Journal of Perinatal Medicine, 50 (3), p. 270-276
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Sorting and packaging of RNA into extracellular vesicles shape intracellular transcript levels.
O'Grady, Tina; NJOCK, Makon-Sébastien; Lion, Michelle et al.
2022In BMC Biology, 20 (1), p. 72
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
ADAMTS2 and ADAMTS14 substitute ADAMTS3 in adults for proVEGFC activation and lymphatic homeostasis.
Dupont, Laura; Noël, Agnès; Colige, Alain et al.
2022In JCI Insight
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Cleavage of LOXL1 by BMP1 and ADAMTS14 Proteases Suggests a Role for Proteolytic Processing in the Regulation of LOXL1 Function.
Rosell-García, Tamara; Rivas-Muñoz, Sergio; Colige, Alain et al.
2022In International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (6), p. 3285
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Models of Lymphangiogenesis in Solid Malignancies
Bekisz, Sophie ; Baudin, Louis ; Buntinx, Florence et al.
2022In Cancers, 14 (6), p. 1525